Virtual Tour of the Pilchuck Glass School with Executive Director Chris Taylor

Sandra Ainsley Gallery

On December 12, 2020 we were invited on a virtual tour of the Pilchuck Glass School and participated in a discussion on the schools future with Executive Director Chris Taylor.

Taylor will discuss the Pilchuck Glass School, one of its founders, our friend, Dale Chihuly, the campus, and the future of the School.

Executive director since his appointment in 2018, Chris Taylor has focused on community relations, staff restructuring, financial systems overhaul, and significant fundraising. Early in his tenure, Chris passed new strategic priorities that include financial stability, campus care, expanding the audience for glass, and preparation for Pilchuck’s 50th Anniversary in 2021

Pilchuck Glass School was founded in 1971 by glass artist Dale Chihuly and patrons Anne Gould Hauberg and John H. Hauberg. What began as a one-summer glassblowing workshop has grown into the world’s most comprehensive center for glass art education. Thanks to the vision of the founders and the enthusiasm and dedication of all who have come to the campus.

Pilchuck Glass School Virtual Visit