Dante Marioni

Marioni’s work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions through-out the United States, Japan and Italy and his pieces are held in several major public collections including the Japanese National Museum of Craft, the National Museum of Stockholm, New Zealand National Museum and The White House Crafts Collection in Washington, D.C.

Marioni is a master glassblower, and it is his devotion to the traditional techniques of his craft, which drive his work. For him, making objects is “about the art of glassblowing rather than the blowing of glass art”. Marioni leaves nothing to chance. His clean, formal and often oversized vessels allow no room for error. Each line is the result of a clear intent. The vessels are made numerous times over without colour so that he may focus completely on the form. It is only once the shape is perfected that he begins to add the bold colours, which have become his trademark.

Along with his formal training, Marioni traveled the world to develop his craft with such influential masters as Ben Moore, Lino Tagliapietra, and Richard Marquis. It is a vast understanding of glassblowing traditions, which make up the distinct voice of Dante Marioni.

Dante Marioni is represented by Sandra Ainsley Gallery, located in Toronto, the leading contemporary glass art gallery in Canada.