Tobias Møhl Virtual Studio Tour and Talk

Sandra Ainsley Gallery

On August 8th, 2020 we were invited into the Studio of Tobias Møhl.

Møhl’s work is a unique marriage of classical Venetian technique with a clear Scandinavian aesthetic. His work is testimony to his considerable skill and interest in traditional technique and craftsmanship. At the same time, he also explores innovative options with glass. He uses a traditional process, creating a mosaic of glass that is picked up with a gather of hot molten glass and then blown into shape. The blowing process stretches the mosaic into intricate patterns on the glass. While this technique is traditional, the patterns he creates express a contemporary aesthetic. Many of Møhl’s vessels are white on white or white on black. He uses color sparingly and often he will use just one or two colors from his simplified palette.

Tobias Møhl Virtual Visit