Michael Behrens Virtual Studio Tour and Talk

Sandra Ainsley Gallery

On April 10, 2021 we were invited into the Studio of German glass artist Michael Behrens.

Michael Behrens plays with the idea of movement and balance in massive solid glass objects. The series Underwater World and Seaforms embody decades of personal sensory experiences above and below water. Deliberately random, strong shapes are formed as an outline as organic inner structures are created. The transparent and satin surfaces al – ternate, thereby creating a dynamic harmony with the inside and outside worlds. Technical exploration of structure is concentrated in the Landscapes series. Form is predefined by nature, so that structure is brought to the forefront. Within the Phoenix series, Behrens focuses on the abstract formal language in his sculptural work. The observer’s eye is drawn to the outlines and surfaces as every object is opaque. Over the years, Behrens has developed an exclusive and notable style and has become one of the most recognized German sculptors in his field.

Michael Behrens Virtual Visit