Sandra Ainsley Gallery

Philip Baldwin & Monica Guggisberg

We have been working together as a team for thirty-three years! First as students in Sweden, where we assisted Ann Wolff and Wilke Adolfsson (1979-1981), followed by twenty years in Switzerland where we opened our studio in 1982, and subsequently here in Paris, where we moved in 2001.

It has been a kaleidoscopic journey which has brought us through almost every aspect of glass as a medium – craft, design, art, sculpture, architecture. Hot, cold, simple, complex. Our learning curve has been one of constant exploration bound together by certain very basic overarching themes, a love of the material, a sense of art as an expression of beauty, and the driving desire to weave our work with our everyday life, to find joy in what we make, both the process and the results of those processes.

Along the way our engagement with glass has been an expanding highway covering our beginnings as a two person “hotshop” making clean, functional designs for everyday use; collaborating with the traditional glass industry as designers, working with factories in Germany, Switzerland, the US and Italy; and bringing us gradually to using glass as an expression of art, a celebration of all that we have learned over the years combining our feelings about color, form, texture, pattern, and material.

Having started with a sober and classical attitude toward form and shape, we have gradually yielded to an expanded exuberance in both shape and dimension. If seeking original expression of beauty is our driving motivation, clarity of line is the thread which weaves the work together. While a point is a cross section of a line, the line itself runs indefinitely through space without limit. Our work is composed of short moments of these imagined lines, captured in glass, hot and cold. We love what we do, and count on the pleasure we hope our work conveys.

Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg are represented by Sandra Ainsley Gallery, located in Toronto, the leading contemporary glass art gallery in Canada.