Michael Behrens

After graduating from the Academy of Visual Arts in Maastricht, The Netherlands, Michael Behrens started a remarkable career in glass art. His work can now be seen in most major glass art galleries and collections in Europe and North America. His large scale kiln cast highly polished glass sculpture reflects his fascination with the undersea world.

Behrens about his work

I began experimenting with glass in 2002. From the very beginning, I was inspired by nature, especially the alteration of the world and its perception, observed through water. Over the years this fascination led me to a profound involvement with the relationship between outer shape and content. Transferring old shapes giving way to a new expressive form language. As with every sculptor, the model is placed in a special context interrelating with its surrounding. While creating glass objects, its transparency needs to be taken into consideration as the sculpture functions as a visible space.”

Michael Behrens is represented by Sandra Ainsley Gallery, located in Toronto, the leading contemporary glass art gallery in Canada.