Noel Hart

Noel Hart has been immersed in art since his early teens, and went on to study fine art at the Gordon Institute of Technology (now Deakin University), in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Painting was his main focus, but he never saw himself limited to the one medium, and held successful exhibitions in painting, but also in photography, and sculpture.

His direction changed in 1988 when he moved to sub-tropical eastern Australia.
Two important things happened during this time. He purchased a property with his wife Helene and son Gabe, in the coastal hinterland rainforest near Byron Bay, and, he embarked on a journey of experimentation with hot glass.

Twenty five years living in a rainforest environment has impacted strong, and this is reflected in every aspect of his artwork today. Being direct witness to the behaviours of the birds, animals, reptiles and insects that live there, has given an increased understanding of the wonder and fragility of the natural world.

It’s also led to journeys of further exploration across the globe, and solo exhibitions in London, Hong Kong, Vienna, and USA and Australia.

A large part of Noel’s work explores birds species, mainly parrots, and birds of paradise and the environments where they exist. They are given a metaphorical and symbolic existence within glass with both sharing fragility yet longevity.

Artisically, Noel pushes the boundaries with the medium of hot glass. The intensive colouring technique is fraught with risk while challenging the chemistry of the material. Additionally the creation of his work is a team event with up to six creators involved.

“I am so fortunate to live here. I’m continually inspired. To have the interactions with wildlife, and as a human, I am the minority species. 
There’s so many ideas I have yet to explore, and see myself still creating way off into the horizon.”

Noel Hart is represented by Sandra Ainsley Gallery, located in Toronto, the leading contemporary glass art gallery in Canada.