Mathieu Grodet Spirit Wings

Both Mathieu and I are conceptual artists that want to share ideas with others through our art. The wing series has grown with our relationship. Mathieu worked with me on a large pair of wings that I made for a conceptual exhibition. They were made of wooden branches and large hot worked feathers. This piece was called “for freedom”. From this piece we started talking about the idea of making feathers on the torch and being able to make a lot of feathers to make solid glass wings. Over time we would discuss our work and when we had a two person exhibition we decided this would be a perfect collaboration for us to develop together because of the concept as well as the amount of labor that goes into making these pieces. Both of us had been working with the wing image for years, feeling strongly about the concept and the idea of making glass wings with the concept that everyone would like to have a pair of wings that they could strap on and fly away from any situation or towards another. Wings represent freedom and escapism and in this day I think many would like to be able to escape or change where they are or where they are going.

Mathieu Grodet | Spirit Wings
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Spirit Wings 25" h x 18" w x 3" d

Wall Mounted Wings - Glass and textile, white, grey and blue
Price upon request