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Martin Blank Whisper In the Forest

The Romantic poets speak of a reverence to nature, a bigger world that we cant see. Whitman speaks about a path that we are on, that we might already be on it now but haven’t realized it. Everyone has a path that is they’re journey threw life.

Frost eloquently tells us of a road less traveled, a personal choice in life were there is no wrong path, but to be taken consciously, lived it fully with no regret. One can smell the defining silences of snow, feel the tension of the ice gripping twig and branch.

I feel that making art is translating emotions in to three dimensional object. A narrative that has a universal quality of oneness. I strive to create visual  Poetry filled with this sentiment,  “ great art is like music all you should have to do is feel it. 

-Martin blank

Martin Blank | Whisper in the Forest
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Whisper in the Forest 86H x 12W x 12D” (with base)/ 50H x 12W x 12D (without base)

Hot sculpted glass and 24 karat gold leaf