Jenny Pohlman & Sabrina Knowles

Sabrina Knowles’ and Jenny Pohlman’s collaboration spans two decades. As seekers, they have undertaken six international two-month journeys to developing nations absorbing religious beliefs, political histories, current affairs, architecture, social structure and people’s personal stories. After lengthy incubation they design, create and assemble forms from molten glass and morph their experiences into sculptural stories to share what they have learned about healing, self-empowerment, compassion, strength, grace, and the power of the human spirit. Their intention is to create works that speak of our common humanity.

Knowles’ and Pohlman’s work has been featured in exhibitions at the Museum of Northwest Art in La Connor, Edmunds Museum, Larsen Museum in Yakima, and the Pratt Gallery at the Center on Contemporary Art. Their work has been included in group exhibitions at Allentown Art Museum in Pennsylvania, Bellevue Arts Museum in Washington, Museum of American Glass in Millville, New Jersey, Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Muskegon Museum of Art in Michigan, New Bedford Museum of Glass in Massachusetts, Racine Art Museum in Wisconsin, and Tacoma Art Museum. Their work is in the collections of the Museum of American Glass, Museum of Glass, Racine Art Museum and Mobile Museum of Art in Alabama and The New Bedford Museum of Glass in Massachusetts. Their work has been published in Glass, Metalsmith, New Glass Review and the Seattle Times, featured in and on the cover of American Style magazine, and published in several books on glass art.

Among their awards are Pratt Fine Arts Center’s Service in the Arts Award 2011 and Service in Education award 2000; Saxe Fellowship award, Bay Area Glass Institute, San Jose, 2009; residencies at Museum of Glass, Tacoma 2007 and 2003; and residencies at Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center 2004 and 1999.

In 2000 Pohlman and Knowles established the Pohlman Knowles High School Scholarship at Pratt Fine Arts Center and continue to sponsor the scholarship annually. They served as trustees for the Bellevue Arts Museum (’09 – ’12), serve on the Education Committee for Bellevue Arts Museum and Pratt Fine Arts Center and support Pilchuck Glass School and Pratt Fine Arts Center, among many other organizations, through annual auction donations and contributions.

Jenny Pohlman & Sabrina Knowles are represented by Sandra Ainsley Gallery, located in Toronto, the leading contemporary glass art gallery in Canada.