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Chihuly Studio Edition Artwork | Paprika Persian

Paprika Persian

by Chihuly Studio Edition Artwork

Approx. 8H x 10W x 10D". Edition of 135
Blown Glass

Dale Chihuly discovered a way to express the motion and fluidity of liquid glass in his series the Persians. Marked by saturated color, vibrant striations, and exotic forms, the Persians radiate an elegant vitality.

The 2023 Paprika Persian Studio Edition is a fusion of form with opaque and translucent colors, which optimize the reflection of light illuminating the sculpture’s rich jewel tones and its distinctive arcs. A combined body wrap of sheer mahogany red and candescent amber spirals from the composition’s center to its very edges, while an opaque chestnut orange gilds the periphery of the form and a teal blue lip wrap captures the momentum of the sculpture.