Tomas Brzon

Czech artist Tomáš Brzon has worked in glass for over 20 years, and exhibited across Europe and the United States. Born in 1982, Tomáš attended The School of Glassmaking under the tutelage of František Janák and Pavel Trnka. After graduating in 2003, Tomáš worked with renowned Czech-American glass artist Martin Rosol, and began developing the sleek, geometric style we attribute to his work today.

Drawing on the traditional Bohemian glass making techniques in which he was trained, Tomáš creates cutting-edge works for the present day. Composed of predominantly minimalist, geometric shapes, reflections, and optical illusions, Tomáš finds inspiration for his work in the forms and images of his daily life. In his vividly-toned structures, matte and polished surfaces become juxtaposed between perfectly-sliced edges. Light is central to Tomáš’s work: shards reflect and refract from each glass plane as if choreographed. Precariously balanced on cut edges, Tomáš’s works often cause us to question our idea of glass as a fragile medium requiring a stable base. His deliberate abstraction of form challenges our perception of light, and the materiality of glass itself.


“In my work I attempt to catch the nature of the glass, by using its primary attributes. I am working with the simple geometrical shapes, reflections and optical illusions. Using combinations of the matte and polished surfaces. My objects are inspired by the forms and images of my everyday life. The main element is light.”
— Tomáš Brzon