Manolo Aguilera


Emmanuel (Manolo) Aguilera (b. 1986, MX) is an emerging artist, working in hot glass.  Originally from Veracruz, Mexico he now calls Seattle, Washington home.  Manolo is currently focused on designing works of art that honor his Native Mexican heritage while incorporating traditional Venetian style and modern glass sculpting techniques.  His attention to detail and focus on fluidity combined with years of independent and professional practice make him a sought-after artist in the vibrant Northwest glass community. 

His career in glass began in 2004, Manolo helped James Mongrain with an independent project, sanding fiberglass.  His reliable and tireless work ethic along with the ability to quickly learn, proved his eligibility to be part of the Chihuly team and he was swiftly recruited.  He has since studied and learned all of the positions in the Chihuly hotshop; beginning first as a Loader and continuing through to Gaffer.  In addition to maintaining full-time employment with Chihuly Inc., he regularly assists well-known local artists to bring their visions to life while also creating his own work and raising a family with his wife.

In 2022, after years of procuring equipment, tools, and property Manolo proudly founded Everett Glassworks LLC when opening his own hotshop.  This exciting endeavor will allow Manolo to work independently as well as offer a space for other Artists to work in solitude. The 750 square foot hotshop is fully equipped to make any dream come true.