Inspired by painting, design and architecture, I’ve found myself intrigued by artists spanning movements and materials who are seldom compared, but whose exploration of the emotional impact of color, light and line are a driving force. Traditionally trained as a painter, I always strived to capture the emotive qualities of color and light on canvas. This pursuit is what led me to glass, a material that is unparalleled in its ability to manipulate color and light. First learning to work with glass in a production atmosphere, my relationship with the material is rooted in traditional vessel forms and functional design.

While the Modular Form Series pays homage to traditional forms, it leaves functionality behind to further explore my fascination with color, light and line and its ability to project emotion, familiarity, and introspection. Playing with the formalities of measurable design, color relationships and the use of numeric titles, this series investigates connections both formal and sociological while asking the viewer to look beyond the obvious to make both familiar and personal associations.


Born in 1980 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Amanda studied painting at SUNY Purchase and later went on to receive her BFA in sculpture from Jacksonville University. She has studied glass, ceramics and sculpture at Pratt Fine Arts Center, Pilchuck Glass School, Corning Museum of Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Alfred University and the University of Miami. Her career in the arts and manufacturing across mediums has developed her immense interest in our relationship to material objects, to our surrounding built and natural environments, and to one another. She explores these relationships through the assemblage of multiple parts and the use of color and line.