Alex Bernstein

Alex received his BA degree from the University of North Carolina and was debating pursuing a secondary degree in either art or psychology….he chose glass and never looked back.  He received an MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology (NY) and was the head of the glass department at the Worcester Center for Crafts (MA), taught at the Cleveland Institute of Art (OH), Rochester Institute of Technology (NY), the studio at the Corning Museum of Glass (NY), Penland School of Crafts (NC) and Pilchuck Glass School (WA) before moving back to his hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, in 2007 and dedicating himself to his studio full-time.


With each piece I make I prepare for a journey – I have a general idea where I want to go, but I never know where the path will lead me. Every day I set out in the hopes of discovering something new and exciting. As any explorer, my journeys are filled with ups and downs, disappointments and breakthroughs, however with each piece I am sure to gain knowledge and insight which is the excitement that brings me to my studio every day.