Chihuly Exhibition

September 24, 2020—January 24, 2021

Sandra Ainsley Gallery

Sandra Ainsley Gallery is pleased to announce CHIHULY, the latest collection of work from artist Dale Chihuly. The work will debut at Sandra Ainsley Gallery, on October 24, 2020. A behind the scenes look at the making of this collection and artist talk can be viewed below. Known as a pioneer of the studio glass movement, Chihuly’s latest body of work expands on his record of innovation and invention.

The exhibition will present works in glass and drawings which reveal Chihuly’s creative process. This collection of work started to take shape in 2019 when he began experimenting with an ancient caneworking technique called merletto (the Italian word for lace), Chihuly’s inspiration for the collection’s name. A labor-intensive and complex process, merletto was developed on the Italian island of Murano in the 15th century. The artist’s approach to CHIHULY exhibition departs from the precision of the classic Venetian technique and relays an expressive energy to his mesh-like patterns. His first foray into the process integrates opaque white cane to his iconic Basket series and references early Basket Drawings which Chihuly created with bundles of pencils to capture the three-dimensional form on paper. The complete digital catalog can be viewed below.

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CHIHULY Exhibition at Sandra Ainsley Gallery
Published on Aug 6, 2020

Virtual Exhibition

Visit our immersive 3D virtual CHIHULY exhibition