Philip Baldwin & Monica Guggisberg

Philip Baldwin (1947) and Monica Guggisberg (1955), have been a collaborative team for over forty years. They share an instinctive appreciation for the subtle blending of art and design, functionality and abstract expression, combined with a love of material – especially glass.

Over time their work has developed its own distinctive signature, based in Italian cold -working « battuto » combined with the Swedish overlay process for layering colors. They have been pioneers in adapting these techniques and in creating a distinct expression of their own. Color, light, texture, pattern, and shape together reveal an undercurrent of meaning and value, adhering to the simplest of forms and clear lines.

Over the years they have become more sculptural in focus, while seeking to imbue their work with a deep connection to archetypal forms and shapes, and striving for the highest level of craftsmanship. They address eternal symbols of human culture and history, while embracing contemporary evolution in form and meaning.

In recent years large installations and major exhibitions in public spaces, such as Canterbury Cathedral in 2018, and more recently The Glasmuseum Ebeltoft in Denmark 2020-2021) increasingly reflect their concerns for the shared world of our times, highlighting some of the challenges while continuing to express their love for beauty in form and object.

They now live and work in rural Wales.