Tanya Lyons

Tanya Lyons

Tanya Lyons was conceived in a tee-pee and born during a snowstorm, with an unexpected twin sister. She lived on a secluded farm in Ontario and later moved to Stratford, Ontario where she was raised in the midst of the creative energy of the backstage at the Stratford Festival Theater. She went to Sheridan College planning to study furniture, but was soon drawn into the hot glass studio. Over the next four years she continued to develop her skills and expand her horizons in the glass arts. At the beginning of her third year Tanya traveled to Helsinki, Finland on a year long exchange to further her studies. To bring this journey to a close, Tanya, together with two other Canadian exchange students, held an exhibition of their work reflecting their experiences and time spent at The University of Art and Design Helsinki. After returning from Finland, she completed her final year at Sheridan College building a body of work that had developed from her experience abroad.

In her work she uses clear glass as a carrier for chosen thoughts, feelings and memories. She combines these pieces with elements of nature such as dried berries, shells, rocks, butterflies, etc. that she has gathered in her journeys. In her work she attempts to capture the flowing motion of the glass as it freezes and becomes fragile, which mirrors many situations in life.

After graduating from Sheridan, Tanya spent a month developing her concept at The Atlin Art Centre in Atlin, British Columbia. This involved working with gathered objects to portray her feelings about the interactions between two people. After returning to Toronto, Ontario to continue her work in glass, she moved to Toyama, Japan where she completed a one -year graduate program at The Toyama Institute of Glass Art. The work she created in Toyama reflected a personal transformation that she experienced in Japan. In completing this year, she returned to Canada and continued to work as a glass artist at the Harbourfront Centre, as well as teaching part time in the glass studio at Sheridan College. Since then, Tanya moved to Montreal to develop new work and explore her ideas of sculptural glass. She now lives in a log house surrounded by trees where she continues her artistic passions.

Tanya Lyons is represented by Sandra Ainsley Gallery, located in Toronto, the leading contemporary glass art gallery in Canada.