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Richard Royal Optical Lens – OL16-21


I was inspired to make the “Optic Lens” by my experience of growing up and living in the Pacific Northwest. As a child and continuing into adulthood, I’ve spent considerable time fishing and boating on the waters of Puget Sound, the Pacific ocean and inland passages reaching from Washington to Alaska. All along these intricate waterways and vast expanses of ocean, are the lighthouses that guide boats and ships to safe passage or harbor. It is the memory of seeing the Fresnel lens’ in the light houses that I found fascinating, not only by how they could focus light and project it such long distances but what beautiful objects the lens’ themselves were.

The “Optic Lens Series” is my homage to these beautiful objects, their inherent beauty and the way the cut and polished glass and light are used to transform that light into an instrument of guidance and safety.

Richard Royal | Optical Lens - OL16-21
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Optical Lens - OL16-21 21H x 21W x 21D"

Blown Glass