Sandra Ainsley Gallery

Moshe Bursuker

Since the beginning of my arts education, I have been drawn to both
photography and blown glass sculpture. It is my conviction to define a
relationship between these two mediums that enhances both forms of artistic
expression. Glass has the ability to amplify the subjects and details in
photography, and photography can highlight the lustrous and fluid qualities of

My interest in this particular style of work is in the use of sand carving on
blown glass. The images that are sandblasted into the glass are important to
me because of either personal experience or artist influence. Carving these
images into glass makes them tangible, a vision you can touch. The end result
speaks to me about life, process, memory, and experience.

This work utilizes different colors of glass to duotone an image. I find the
pixilation most interesting because pixels are the most basic unit in digital
imagery and yet in glass they have the appearance of high detail. Since
process is such an integral part of my work and inherent in both photography
and glassblowing, the way in which I capture the image is key. I select, edit
and modify the images digitally. They become patterns, which are manually
carved into glass. This enhances the visual effect and allows the piece to be
viewed from many perspectives.

Moshe Bursuker is represented by Sandra Ainsley Gallery, located in Toronto, the leading contemporary glass art gallery in Canada.