Karina Guévin & Cédric Ginart Reliquaire

Karina Guevin

My work celebrates femininity, sensuality and happiness. If I had to resume in one word my approach to glass, it would undoubtedly be passion. Whether I am creating flame worked jewellery or blown glass sculpture, it always reflects my enthusiastic and lively personality. I am completely dedicated to my work and it is directly linked to my innermost emotions and dreams. It’s very personal and expresses joy, love, life and sensuality. The seductive sculptural jewellery that I make challenges the boundaries of feminine ornament. Through my whimsical use of form and color, necklaces and rings become wearable sculptures that inspire intimacy and enjoyment.

I choose to create ornamental body glass because variations on a theme, the possible compositions and contrasts are endless. I can create unlimited objects where the detail is worked to excess and where the colors glide on the glass like paint on a canvas. I strive to fill the space with vibrating color like a shiver. The vessels I create give the illusion of slender bodies and the wall hangings of cascading paint, seducing the viewer.

My jewellery is sculptural and versatile. It can be worn on the body and then placed over its vase or hung on a wall. Is sculptural identity becomes what ever is owner chooses.

Karina Guévin & Cédric Ginart | Reliquaire
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Reliquaire 22" h x 8" w x 8" d (each)

The memory keeper. In the Victorian era, beautiful thought were keep in jars as souvenir. For us it’s our memories of important dates that we transform in to thousand of petals like all the moment of joy we had in our life.
Moretti and Borosilicate flamework glass.
Price upon request
Karina Guévin & Cédric Ginart | Reliquaire - detail

Reliquaire - detail