Sandra Ainsley Gallery

Jeffrey Mack & Laura Donefer

Two artists who have separate practices have decided for the last several years to get together several times a year in Toledo (and once in Corning, New York) to collaborate. It’s too simple to say that Jeff Mack makes the vessel and Laura Donefer provides the embellishment; the two artists work side by side throughout each piece. But it’s true in its way that Donefer crews for Mack in the vase fabrication, and he returns the favor during the subsequent surface embellishment. It has allowed Donefer to immerse herself in classical vessel composition, and its vases, ewers, loving cups and pitchers, some derived from the Toledo Museum of Art’s glass collection, have given her a tradition she can riff off of. And it’s opened Mack up to put new wine in old vessels.

Jeffrey Mack & Laura Donefer are represented by Sandra Ainsley Gallery, located in Toronto, the leading contemporary glass art gallery in Canada.