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Herb Babcock Composition Yellow

My sculpture history is grounded in metal fabrication.   Glass added two unique elements: the radiance of color and light cutting through mass.

Within my current sculpture, I juxtaposition glass, metal and stone; the metal and stone anchor the mechanics of structure while the glass appears to freeze the ephemeral with optics.

A sculptor tries to focus the eye of the viewer: to read depth, form, texture and meaning.  Glass, not a traditional sculpture material, is another tool sculptors can use to create art: object art.

The Pillared Series references “precarious balance” or references the apex of dance movement.  I intend it to be a metaphor for life: to stand away for a moment and reflect on being alive.

Herb Babcock | Composition Yellow
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Composition Yellow 46” h x 26.5” w x 12" d

Cast glass, steel, stone (glass element: yellow)